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  • Josh Burton, LCPC

    After being a lawyer in earlier years, I changed careers, became a mental health therapist and formed A Place To Be Heard (and named it such) because I believe that ‘being heard,’ ‘being truly heard,’ and the desire to be heard and understood, are not only one of the core human needs but a predicate to alliance and partnership, including the therapeutic partnership, as a space, a bridge so to speak, toward greater self-awareness and understanding and change in various forms.

    When I work with another, I seek to meet that other where they are, to understand who they are, to be with that other, together, as we work in partnership to weave and reweave that tapestry that forms their life, historically, as appropriate, and going forward.

    When strategies or techniques need to be used to help change behavior, alleviate symptoms, or learn new ways of associating to our experience, I will teach them. When listening and understanding, expressing and engaging, are in order to find relief, I will listen and facilitate the working through process. When someone is taking steps to move ahead, or needs help in navigating or advocating within the larger social system, whether it be with schools, government agencies, housing providers or others, I will work to assist the client and be an advocate, as appropriate.

    The goal, I believe, in many senses, whether it be child or older person is to become more of who one is meant to be, or to help enable one to become more of that which they truly are, less burdened by the distress and sadness or anger, pain and discomfort, and/or anxieties that one may be experiencing.

    However you move, whatever steps you take, I offer you to view the process of coming to greater awareness and making change this way, or help another, like your child to do so (or consider letting another, like me, to help in this process). Wherever your journey takes you, and whatever steps you take to shape your journey, I invite you to partner with me. We will be here…at A Place To Be Heard.